Burned to the Ground

You were so keen on leaving
so abruptly, too
I did not know how to recover
And so I wept, and wept, and wept
with the knowledge that I’ll never see you again.


Your departure was too sudden
that I was forced to come undone
The photos we had taken were painstakingly torn
The memories we had made had to be burned
I built you this beautiful castle to be lived in
but as your silhouette distances itself from mine
I felt the acropolis crumble from underneath.


Some things were meant to be
This instance was just a prime example of it
I was meant to write you these poems
And you were meant to break me up
I love you more than any words can describe
it was saddening for me to realize
even that was nowhere near enough.


There was no longer anything for us to do
but to watch this love fall, fall, and fall
until it drowned in the sea of the undertow. 

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