You are

You are the laugh of a baby

My favorite song

You are the feeling I get on Christmas morning

The presents I open

You are the warm hug from family

However, you are not the acne on my face

The clothes that don't fit

or the awkward middle school relationship hug

There's just no way you are the morning breath

You just can't be the morning breath

It is possible you are the sunset on the mountains

Maybe even the ice cream found in the freezer

But you are nowhere near to being the off-brand Starbucks cappucino

But a quick look at yourself will tell

You are not the feeling of disappointment

But the quiet "I love you" at dawn

It might delight you to know

Speaking of the beautiful imagery of the world

That I am the beautiful scented flowers

I also happen to be the clean room

and everyone's favorite day

and the smell of freshly baked cookies

I am also the adorable puppy

and the perfect weather

But don't worry, I am not the presents I open

You will always be the presents I open

Not to mention the warm hug from family

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