My Sun

Do you remember the late nights and the long days that led to our anger?

How can we still be here?

How can you still love me?

A million questions left unanswered just because we were afraid of their outcome

And a million more fights to compliment them.

But here it is, dear,

Because you’re mine and because I’m yours,

And because the sun still greets us in the morning,

I will love you.

Until the end of our lives as we take that final breath,

Thankful to have lived,

You’ll feel my presence next to you.

You are the one to make the skies blue;

To send gray clouds on their way.

You’d sit up for me at the times of my worst

Just to tell me we’ll be alright and everything will resolve with the sun.

I’d get up if only for you

To hold me closer and kiss my tear stains away.

I’d wake to write out the page of our love another day,

To taste your lips tasting mine

Another uncharted land

Another adventure

And I’m happy. I’m in love.

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