Shooting Stars

Baby you are a shooting star in my life

Guiding me and my thoughts straight home like a lighthouse beckons lost ships to shore

You spin round and round in the same old place

And it's comforting to know that no matter where I go

You'll be there waiting for me

But I don't want that

I want for you to be latched to my hip as we scale the globe

Stomping out footprints so deep in the sand that people can chart our course

I want to see the seven wonders of the world and paint over them with pictures of us

A global masterpeice that can be seen from space painted in sweet words and loving touches

I want to stand in Italy and Paris and China and Brazil

And learn how to translate the language to ours so that you can know in a hundred different ways how much I love you

Learn that my love for you spans across the globe

That it spans across history and evidence of it can be seen in the first fairy tale

We are that first once upon a time

But I am not just the princess

I am your partner, your companion, your friend

And you are not just the prince

You are my one, my only, my love

And I will life you on a glorious pedestal mounted with gold and silver and all the comics you can fathom

My only request is that I take you with me when I leave next time

i don't watn to go back to you waiting for me

I am not a ship lost at sea looking for the shoreline

So the next time I come home baby pack your things because I'll climb to the very top of that lighthouse

And I'll unscrew you out of your so I can take you with me

And when I set you in my ship you will shine so bright that we'll burn a track in this very Earth

Like a shooting star blazes across the sky

Everyone will know where we are going


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