A Cup of Coffee

I met a boy

on the outskirts of campus,

playing a game of frisbee.


his eyes shined like oceans

shimmering in the very depths

of the beauty in 

the place mermaids call home.


his hair was of onyx

the darkness that spoke to me,

and said "this boy is trouble"

trouble was my middle name.


He looked over at me,

and smiled that gorgeous smile,

it put the moonlight of the previous eve

to shame.


I knew there was more to him,

than the things people say,

he wasn't a player

in the least.


He had a true heart,

so his best friend said,

and so I walked up to him,

to start a conversation.


We talked for hours,

as I joined their game of frisbee

and laughed at the fact,

that he was being a total goofball,

but became a huge sweetheart.


When the sun's lamp ran low

on the oil called time,

he walked me to my dorm,

and we treasured that time together.


When we got to my room,

we stopped and 

he asked if I had time,

For a cup of coffee.


So we conversed and annoyed

my best friend and roomate,

over that cup of coffee.


I cared for that boy,

as he cared for me,

We married in a garden,


I stayed with him,

through every argument,

through every fight,

through every disagreement.


He stayed with me,

When I was difficult,

When he was mad,

when the kids moved out.


We grew old,

and time caught up,

but we stayed together... for our love was grand.


And it all started with a game of frisbee,

and two steaming cups of coffee.

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