ill do anything it takes to get this love back on track. i hope you still think about me and wish we were wrapped. intertwined as one so youd never leave my side. but time got the best of me and you said goodbye. shortly lived love that never got to blossom, you moved on and im moving with caution. i thought i was over it and only using you for inspiration, those little meolodies i sang only made for a worse situation. my deep passion and lust are all directed towards you. i feel like ive given so much but you dont have a clue. in my nights alone i think of us. you, me and what once was. denial, and fake happiness poisoned my weeks without you. i couldve sworn there was something unique about you. call me crazy i prefere lovesick please adress me as such, the one thing i crave is your sweet touch. no one else knows that you own my mind. just me, this journal and the tears on my thighs. 

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I love and relate to this!

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