The moment you came into my life it started to shine,

Never have I ever done something so amazing,

Everything came in place when you arrived.


Failure is coming soon this I know for sure,

Do I jump for the chance and destroy my pride,

Dreams burn into ashes in the end.


We have so much heart with little to show,

The world seems to carve for chaos,

Why can’t we be who we want to be?


The true passion behind this poem is that…

Oh I can’t say it outloud,

Yolo right?


Well, it’s just you see I.. I..

Care for you so much it’s way too much to bear and hide,

That’s just my cute way of saying.... I love you truly.


I almost want to cry, knowing you’ll never feel the same way for me…

You and I will always be true friends in this weird connected world,

I’ll never be able to replace you.


Even though I have tried to find a new friend,

It’s never the same,

Maybe you’re my magical lucky charm.


That I will always hold onto no matter what,

We’ll make it through this and figure it all out one day,

Until then you’ll be my favorite… buddy.



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