When I Look at You: Another Love Letter to a Past Lover

I don't know where they came from, but when I look at you the cocoons in my chest cavity burst 

butterflies fluttering, clearing away the cobwebs and ridding the dust making room...making room for youwhen I look at you, I feel my cheeks flood with the very shade of red I never wanted you to seethe shade a strawberry turns when it just begins to ripenan innocent sweetness with the vulnerability of a childwhen I look at you, my heart begins to beat against my chest as thought o keep the rhythm of your step so I can remember it better when my head is in the clouds later on and I picture you as this cliche prince or humble gentleman when I look at you, my eyes illuminate with hope, something that has been alien to me for far too longwhich now fills my irises with a shade bluer than yesterdaywhen I look at you, my lips feel bare as I lean subconsciously closer as if I'm drowning and your kiss breathes life into me when I finally breaking through the ocean's surfaceyour embrace the sweet air surrounding me at lastwhen I look at you, my once numbed body awakens and suddenly I'm terrifiedI'm terrified of losing you, scared of kissing you too often so the butterflies you feel beat against your ribs so frequently that they adopt this constant vibration as normal, until you can't feel anything anymoreso I keep myself at baypull myself away after I've had enough of your to sit comfortably besides youbecause when I look at you I feel like I could fall in love

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