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If I could I would serve the world on a platter for you to fill your never ending appetite.
I would even put the universe on my back so it could be in arms reach for you.
And although we have 13 planets surrounding one sun I'll show you what it means to solely rotate around you.
We're in a world full of polygomy but I want to be platonically yours.
You can be my Adam and I'm your Eve except we would correct history and neglect the forbidden fruit that lies upon the tree.
If I could I would bend my back to pathe a ritcheous way for you to walk.
And every Sunday I would be right there next to your to worship the lord.
Because a family that prays together stays together and I want you to call my own.
See you're the kind of man I take home to my mother because you're a reflection of my father.
And you know what they say; all girls fall in love with their daddies.
And if I could I would send you to the next super bowl just so you can see your team win.
Then every time you see them play you think of me.
I would never let you down but only life you up.
I would never commit perjury with your love.
If the chance ever came I would sign a pre-nup just so you know my love is real.
Like Drake said started from the bottom now we're here.
But I just want you to hear me.
I'm not mad . . . Just madly in love with you.
And although I would give you everything I have I could never give you the satisfaction of knowing that this poem was written for you.


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