The Doubtful Boy and His Lover

melody so sweet calling me softly

like a siren luring to beauty so lightly

loveliness yours i long to never part

for i fear that would break my gentle heart


separated souls we no longer be 

for now my tender soul has attached to thee

nothing could ever make me not love you

for fervent this love i speak of is true


to part would surely be my suicide   

with  crushing depression do i collide

to never leave me is my only plea

broken hearted forever would i be


with my entire being do i love thee

it will last for all of eternity

but your eyes look empty, lacking love

i am afraid i am not your beloved




you say my eyes are loveless and empty

but really they are nothing but plenty

you are my light, my world, my other half

the fact that you believe me not makes me laugh


my love is endless like the vast waters

about you there is nothing to alter

i feel alive whenever you are near

and when you are gone i am in despair


when i lay my head upon my pillow

the monster of my nightmares does bellow

“he will leave you forever” it whispers

my heart drops and i let out a whimper


never do i want to be apart

for then i would have a red bleeding heart

my thoughts do not cease to be about thee

my love for you is true, i guarantee


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