I swear to you there’s stars in his eyes, bright

Blue like an ocean never ending, begging

You to jump in, tempting

You to dive in and lose yourself in their endless depth.

I tell him, “Those eyes of yours might get you in trouble one day,” but

I know they would sooner get him out.


His smile, God, his smile…

Every time I see it my heart stutters like a car engine struggling to turn on, and I wonder how he’s ever wanted with a smile like that.

Toothy, goofy, when the joy is clear on his face

Bashful, dimpled, when under the shower of my compliments.

But he doesn’t know, no

He doesn’t know.

That I could find a new way to praise every single day and never have any repetition.

I tell him, “That smile of yours might get you in trouble one day,” but

It has only ever set me free.


I sometimes wander into a world without him

And my mind begins to shake and break and tremble.

How can I breathe without the feel of his fingertips to draw in air at my every gasp?

How can I be warm without the embrace I crave every moment I’m away? Say

That you love me, tell me you’re mine, but

I can’t be expected to continue without

His smile, God, his smile.

There is no color when his eyes aren’t blinding bright, right

In front of me like he is my center, my sun.

He tells me, “That love of yours might get you in trouble one day,” and I say,

“Any trouble is worth it, as long as you are here.”

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