So, you

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 17:47 -- A.Marie

So, your eyes are brighter than the moon

And your smile causes my hands to shake.

So, you're a vast ocean,

A special treasure,

Hidden in a tidal wave of

So- you're beautiful,

and your skin shines like

Baby let me hold you and

So- you're not perfect,

But God painted you 

With his favourite brush

Reverently on Sunday evening

Cause So-

You're my favourite page


Doggy-eared just in case;

A little messed up but still 

Such a comfort to read

Again and Again.

Cause so- 

You're a flower

Among so many weeds

That try to choke you down

Yet tall you stand. 

And so- can I kiss you?

Would it be selfish of me

Because you are so

So precious

And I'm like a hurricane

A crashing thunder

Breaking windows and skies,

And I know you don't think so

But then again,

I don't want you to.

I just wanted you to know 

That baby you are 



Your eyes are brighter than the moon,

And your smile:

It causes my hands to shake.

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