I was never good at playing these games

Rolling the dice

Going on dates

Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best


I was never the master of board games

Or video games

Or games involving…. Me

But I loved playing board games with you


Never realizing the games you were playing with me

Rolling dice with my heart

Placing bets on my tears

And making sure they all knew how easily I would break


And maybe love was one of the cards I never flipped over

Or maybe I was never really playing the right game

But never forget the queen is the strongest piece in the game of chess


I placed my bets

I kept the score

Again and again and again

But the timer is up

The pieces are all gone

And I am the only player left at the table


Perhaps I am meant to stay broken

A game that everyone played, but no one wanted to keep

Or perhaps I am the game you forget you ever knew.

And this is such a cold and bitter winter

And I am such a fool for hanging on so long

But maybe if I just play a little longer

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