His eyes are unsettling,

a deep brewing ocean.

And the waves in them roll

Over and over

again in my mind like marbles

against my fingers,

His hair lay in knots

but perfectly calculated knots

the kind that are formed by hours

upon end in the salty ocean’s arms

his skin saturated with color

Parched but still begging for the sun’s deep friendship.

His mind is full of dreams.

 It begs his legs To lock and release

 To walk, Then run, Then leap ,

To new things. And when he does,

His childlike limbs will fly

 into the arms of someone he’s never met before.

Someone called knowledge,

Nicknamed joy and adventure

Who’s always got a great new idea,

 Or an exciting place to be.

My eyes are the forest.

They’re never ending,

And full of bright loud creatures.

 Singing birds with dancing tunes

Floating from their throats.

My hair is irregular.

 It’s pigment fades from deep wood

To pale morning light.

My face is a sunrise

That sometimes chooses against Arriving.

 It covers an confusion riddled mind

Just waiting for release.

Someone something To pull it away.

To teach it something new.

The two

They show each other

The forest and the sea

 And find ways to meet in the middle.

 His coral flooded cheeks Supply her sun,

when it chooses Not to rise.

Her wind-blown hair shows him

That irregularity is alright.

That it’s more than alright.

And our differences they play

With each other And all the while support.

Support the two.

 The sea salt withered boy And the lost dark forest girl

They meet.

They meet in the middle and Love.

 They love themselves

And they love each other

 And what more can be asked for

But love with no boundaries.

 Not geographical.

Not anything.

 Just love.



Wow what a wonderful piece!

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