~Sacred Twin Flame Song ~


Gazing into those oh so blue eyes

I stood entranced, as I was paralyzed

By the way she smiled

The way she laughed

And a scent so intoxicating-

Only an angel could smell so wonderful

The world seemed to stop in place

For time was no more and space did not exist

 Lost souls were reunited & “Find True Love, “crossed off my list

I leaned in for a kiss as she connected eyes with me

Our lips were magnetized in universal majesty

Heaven blew their trumpets & rang an ancient gong

There was a super nova blast which borne the sacred twin flame song

Creation’s ceremony in which God did not rehearse

An orchestrated masterpiece yet just another verse

The music of existence is sung for me & you

It is the Verse of U  N  I that’s revealed within this clue...

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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