She seemed to carry an aura of excitement; that was my first impression of her. There was so much joy in her smile, each one just slightly different than the last, but there were secrets there too. And she was always thinking about something. What, no one was sure, but you could tell by looking at her that there were thousands of thoughts and ideas flying around her head, crashing into one another. That was what made her such an exciting person, everything about her could seem to radiate a welcoming kindness, but you’d have no idea what was bubbling just below the surface.

Yes, radiate was the perfect word for her too. She looked like she was forged from pure gold. Flawlessly beautiful, warm and rosy, but so strong you wouldn’t dare stand in her way. She was like a burning fire, a little drop of sunshine.

Her hair fell perfectly too. It was uncanny, how perfectly it framed her face no matter what color or shape she put it into. It was so undeniably a part of her, no matter what she did to it, it just looked right.

In short, she looked like god woke up one day and decided that they would take all the strength and intellect heaven had in store and give it a face. A face and a body to perfectly hold a mirror up to her personality. That was what drew you into her. Her thoughts, perhaps, were a mystery, but her soul was so clearly displayed before you, you couldn’t help but trust her.


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A great personality that sure must have an impressive aura and thinker feature and that's why this eulogy for her. Expressed poetically unique. Kudos.



Pleez comment/ review my newest poem too. I like reading others thoughts and meeting poem pals. I see commenting is totally not common here but interaction is good so we should.



Omg that it so sweet thank you so much! This is actually my first time ever on this site, so I don't know exactly how to see the poems you've posted. I don't see a search feature lol. If you could tell me how to navigate to the stuff you've posted so I can read it that would be great.

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