My Achy Breaky Heart

The last step I took was forwards, then backwards

that's like riding in a Benz and then pushing an Acura

I always tell this sob story, they say don't chase after her

she like leeching from your love, and it sucks like dracula

I hope you know I fell for, and I scraped my leg for you

and I shed some tears for you, and you know I'd kill for you,

I'd go through hell and back,

and then I'd break my back and have a heart attack,

just let you live another day,

I mean, how deep is that?

I just wish you took my love for what it was,

and accepted it was more than lust,

or adolescent puppy love, it always was

I don't see a point in this, like why do people want for this,

who wants to fall in love and get their heartbroke,

and feel so powerless?

soul tired, my heart aches,

so tired of heartbreak

so high, my heart race, I just wanted first place

I just want to win, let me in, I don't want to lose,

you said pick between you and them,

but I don't have to choose,

tell me what the deal is, what's our situation?

walking back and forth, I'm pacing,

because my mind is steady racing,

and our love you can't erase it like you did our messages,

I just hope you hear my words, and realize the message is,

that I fell for you.

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