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5 months, trading kisses in my carYour hands tracing hearts around my armsOur lives, we knew would never be the sameOh why’d you have to go and change4 weeks, that’s all it took for me to fallYour smile I wish I could forget it allYour laugh’s for
GHETTO GOSPLE. You aren't born to please anyone, neither accepted by everybody. But your purpose is to make sure you live good making better thangs, making thangs better.
Lit by nature, a flame of beauty burning fiery in her eye.
I spent last night googling birds that sing in the morning, to give myself something to wake up for. Tricking myself into believing I’d even be awake by then. Because the truth is I am not ok
I had a boy come up to me once When he heard I’d be singing at our high school’s senior award ceremony. To ask “what will you be singing? a whale song?” He turned to his friends and began to laugh
5 months, trading kisses in my car Your hands tracing hearts around my arms Our lives, we knew would never be the same But why’d you have to go and change Hey 4 weeks, that’s all it took for me to fall
Instead of bombing, shelling and trashing our neighbors Let’s all do the highly popular fun ‘Jeru’ dance
I thought I knew what love was, As I’ve fallen once or twice. But when it ends and starts anew, My heart always pays the price.  
Merry Christmas Darling We’re apart as you planned And every day is full of pain Since you’re holding a different hand  
There were times I was a sailor A healer or a tailor There were times I was the lunatic next door   There were times I stuck hand out I was not afraid to stand out
  This might be hard to understand Hard to comprehend Hard to accept that I’m not broken That the torture did nothing to sway me   I am not your love poem I am not your forgotten book
Am I alone? The only wanderer. Drift wood in a sea of rain drops Flowing with the breeze Against the waves as they flow   Is this it? Watching the sun set A mosaic on the horizon
sing your soft song, flow your voice through my ears. sweet siren, drag me along, your melody linger in my tears.
It Was G.U.R.U. Who Said In One of His Poems... That It's Mostly The VOICE If It Is... TOP CHOICE... That Makes Rap Listeners LOSE Their Poise... And REJECT Whispers To Make... BIG NOISE... !!!!!
All day  Every day I sit on my computer   And all day Every day Nothing's getting newer   And all the day I'm thinking That I am having fun And by the next I then realize
Shall I allow these iron bars that encage my body to also encage my soul Verily i say these bars will not be allowed to constrain me
i feel like im alone  and i'll burst into snow  i can feel it i want to let you kno  i need to let you go  no love no love no looove no trust  no trust no truuust no body likes me i feel like nobody 
Words left unsaid, Actions left undone, Filled with regret, You'll end up alone. So just go to bed, Listen to your favorite song. Baby get some rest, Because here comes dawn.
Satin and lace The girl with the porcelain face God bless Nell The little girl   She sits on a stand The girl with the porelain hands God bless Nell The little girl  
I've thrown away everything. I think about my decisions, the tears they sting. Wondering what tomorrow will bring; Just another sad song for me to sing. Just another attempt to conquer this thing.
  My prize you are Your bride I would be    When ever You call I'd be, there, there to serve my role.    My role to you
We enter your home. The Lord in Spirit , Inside my beating heart, And wish you peace. The troubled world surrounds us. But we have and advocate, He has overcome the world.      
sometimes you get stuck in my mind like a great song played on repeat your name crosses my tongue waiting to be spoken   and the song of you is a beautiful ballad one that gets me up off my feet
Hear my chant, that I am crying, Allured by my answer, they’re all stuck admiring, Grasped by the gods, pulled by Poseidon, Carried into the current, by the Song of the Siren,
Hear my chant, that I am crying, Allured by my answer, they’re all stuck admiring, Grasped by the gods, pulled by Poseidon, Carried into the current, by the Song of the Siren,
-It was quàrter past 11 -when you picked me up in your Benz. Promising you were a changed man, a fairytale ,Hollywood ending. Claiming your all in, I thought you were sent from god,
The road down to hell is paved with good intentions what’s love, when the lust is gone You lied and you stood hidden from sight giving him the keys to steal my soul My heart pounded with fury
The sinews of my soul have been messily dissected By the unsteady, wavering hand of depression Each tender nerve frays as it’s carelessly bisected
She calls to me Her sweet melody Sweeping through the aisles I hear her song Ringing in my ears Her voice so angelic She calls to me As she belts her tune And I am on the edge of my seat
When things are going wrong, Put those problems into a song. When we are alone,  Singing makes us feel at home.   If you are too sick, Just listen to music. If you have a frown, 
Maid of the Yonder, I call upon your brilliance of hope. Eyes bright like the sparkles of the sea, Lost in memory, stumped in desperation- May this song appease the tears you hold.
     men    only fools             can't help          love        you          stay?                      sin         help                                 you? Like a river                   to the sea
There is a dark presence that lurks Within us all It takes the shape of shadows Where it can be found is far from the light
When I fell in love the first time, She felt the same pain as me, I shared with her a song One that we listened to together Its lyrics always soothed us
Silence. For years, only silence. And fear… no song.   Never testing the limits, Never pushing the envelope, Never hearing the song.
If You Know Thyself  then you know the world    Motivated by madness  and driven by desire, dive into the pool of passion  and swim deep as you can.    If You Know Thyself 
 To win my heart, cross my roads  To get my love, you knock my doors  Let's to start, to earn cruise  To build a nest within love rose     Adore you much, looking forward  To keep in touch, even one word  Eager to fly, to reach sward  Where your f
Tiny fairy, Flicker far. Your home of flowers, Your roof of stars.   Long forgotten, Miles away. You will find it,
The creaturesThey singThe creaturesThey danceThe creaturesThey ringThe creaturesThey glance
Diplomatic  Emotional tyrant. Distance. Why are you so distant. I haven't even told you how I feel. Yet I feel trapped, pulled in by reel. Throw me away. Don't throw me away.
My course is set for an uncharted sea with waves unkept and no one watching me, is a line I wrote when I saw no path but didn't care because I thought I could just flow through the breeze.
You're a good song title You're nothing near full A misconception of the mind There's something missing in your kind
She is a song, On an out-of-tune piano, And though I know, That she is worng, All she needs, Is a bit of tuning, And a bit of refining, And then she can sound, Exactly how,
just one failure to watch  one fateful soft misstep  can bring a building down  cause chaos to erupt    i looked around for someone  i’m still not certain whom relief flooded my chest
That song It’s playing again Evoking memories Memories best left untouched But still, I listen to it I let it play
At the top of the bleachers in an unfamiliar school, judges look out over a vast crowd. Speakers over 8 feet tall are stacked together blasting 90’s, 2K, and Today’s music,
I am not a virgin, but I am still pure. I am not a warrior, still, I'm fighting a war. Ink against white paper, stained and beautiful. I am an outsider but my heart is still full.   
Wind, to me sing Your lullaby, Your comforting tone of peace.  I am not,  Could not be, alone Amongst the presence of the breeze.   Tell me secrets, Fear not, song, 
The poet's dead, the song is gone. With dying breath and failing brawn, He whispers a foreboding phrase: "The nights are spent, you waste your days."
Filler full of toast, see That'll get the ghost, see, eat it up, you're close see, knave. Give it to your ghosty holler to your host-y Callout til your toasty babe
The ghost of notes dances just out of reach I grasp fruitlessly with poor memory, trying and failing All that is left is a whisper of a tune Too quiet to hear, but too loud to fully ignore
i sang a song to Sirens and even they cried for me, i told them what you promised  and how you chose to leave, I sang a song to Sirens  as my soul began to bleed old wounds under new ones
(Verse 1) Just let me say I’m only a man I hope that you would’ve understand And see all the love that I had So high up but I’m about to crash and land Worse come down since my acid trip
M, A, D, I, S, Y, N Bringing the heavens to the earth, hiding the fears from my mind Love the goodmornings, hate the goodnights, because I despise saying goodbye
I'm drinking Sprite out of a coca cola cup  Am I bad enough for you?  you're my daddy but it's been real tough Sorry to tell you that you're through    Cause you're too expensive 
Sweaty palms, winded breaths, I jolt awake, And unexpectedly you were there, without a moment to forsake. My eyelids were heavy as you sung smooth and lowly,
Tick tock, The world clock tolls, Chiming its mournful melody, For those lost in sea.   Tick tock, The world clock tolls,
You Saw her singing her song Up in the balcony Where the moonlight hit her profile. She sang about wishing she   Were A princess Who could escape her tower...
Rain falls heavy on the ground, And the cardinal sings somewhere in the dogwood tree. --Oh to pay attention! To listen to the clandestine voice of the forest.  
Rain falls heavy on the ground, And the cardinal sings somewhere in the dogwood tree. --Oh to pay attention! To listen to the clandestine voice of the forest.  
I am your hero, a hero with a fiery passion, my power able to vanquish even the mightiest foes, foes who wish to do you harm.   No dragon is too powerful,
There lived two people long ago who sought to love more than you know. They practiced poetry all day, a song most meaningful today. It makes your heart so sorrow and gray, for the man turned out to be awfully gay.
Thanks for letting yourself back into my life.    The beats of the music you sent me  swing in my mind like a pendulum  they envelop my mind, 
What is this I hear You left me I put my trust You gave me the lack of integrity You first told me  That you were gonna be with me What happened You left Whats wrong with me
One twig snaps,  A tiger roars,  A leaf flutters,  One parrot soars,  The air is steamy,  The moon is white,  The jungle sings,  On a perfect night. 
A long journey coming back from the outside world into my home, Around 40-60 minutes, I lay down and I breath heavily, So exhausted from this jog, the forests I went in gave my mind something to be distracted by, 
Have you ever stood there? In the morning dew watching the rays of gentle gold  creep their way along the onyx sky. Listening to the murmur of the leaves 
you feel burned again and you can't breathe again, feet in mud again, stuck can't see again, but my minds free again, my veins they bleed again, my heart it beats again, these dreams will see again,
To sing of myself, A strange tune indeed, One filled with wonder and adventure and pride and fear and joy, A tale of many colors, none of which too dry.   To sing of myself,
America pledged a sugar coated liberty To sweeten such bitter remorse. Yet her heart burned by trepidity When she hid her wounds with words.   She sang a twisted song, Her lyrics laced with dread
Never did I think that I wouldstoop so low as to fall intothis deep darkness that doesn't endthis coldness that punctures the soul.This is all my fault, my fault thatnow you don't want to talk to me.
The shakes, the nerves, the trembles of absolute fear I feel in the tiny hands attached to me.  They control me. They make one motion that consumes my focus entirely.  I am drowning in a sea of my anxiety.
Our lives are like a song. God is the composer and we are the musicians.   We never meet His full expectations.
Secrets {succubus} Verse 1:I try to not do it  but it's so hard not to love you.  I see your features when your gone.  They radiate in everyone  With your love I'm so far gone.  Can't tell you how I feel.  No word or words can explain it.  I'm jus
I wake up with a song in my head Can't wait to get out of bed With a guitar by my side I strum a few chords   Music is my energy A force that drives me everyday Hop on the bus to get to school
What energizes one in early morning?             The favorite song drifting through the air             The symbol that the day is not for mourning,             But the beginning of the new, awakened by the music blare
A melody played on the wind Tangles itself amongst the smoke Air crisp with cedar pine Still cold while the sun has broke   A gentle lull of a new day Rousing all from slumbers full  
  What makes me feel good is singing It gives me a kind of feeling I can't explain the way it makes me feel The feeling is just unreal My melody makes me shine  My voice is hard to deny
Awake. What did I dream?Relief that it stays there, or sadness it's gone.Damn that alarm You'll be grateful laterThe day time you But that isn't me now!
Unveil yourself tonight, O diva of my heart, sing to me the rine and rune of your love. #cinquain #poetry
A snatch of song, behind a door: a melody I've heard before.   Forgotten but familiar notes: Of lost dreams and abandoned hopes.   An eloquent dismay.  
"Don't you dare forget the sun, love" That's what the song said. Then the question remains of why? Why do those words mean so much to me? Why do they haunt my mind? The answer is the sunshine.
Music is the poetry to my heart. The melody and the beat are what resonate within me. When I write my own poetry
I remeber the rush. The moment pen touches paper. The smooth glide on blank slate. Infinite array of options, Potential, that I never had.    The feel wasn't all however,
A song I sing that would make no sense/As a song/Couldn't control the feelings inside/So a piece of paper I hoped would provide/ I write my words like a toddler walking/ Slowly, slowly stumbling/ Soon I gain speed and rhyme/ The world looks differ
Listen to her, as she plays that melody that I once knew.  That song that I thought was my saving grace, twisted now to a devils song. I want it to end, yet how could it stop, when for so long 
to the wild spirit woman of the carved and sacred desert, move freely in your primal body glistening with moonrise dance to the current of the boiling river as the dam collapses
10,000 dreams, more sleepless nights And a million waking hours.  A quarter life to think, play and cheat But I still hold onto bittersweet silence.   I’m always looking towards middle’s end,
With the flow of angry fighting words, I take my final stand Soaring brighter ever higher in the fire of my own hands   My great song will not diminish in this whirl of wonder when
Which way should we go In this land of woe  The sky has fallen to darkness The people broken and heartless Which way should we go 
Eighty and eight keysThat's all I needTo open my soul to humanityTo keep me freedIf I lost it allIf I couldn't seeAt least I'd have but eighty and eight keys
From my mothers' mouth to my unborn ears, it has always been with me. I have a song in my heart, and it is always with me. When the music stops playing, it is always with me.
A bird with no song is one that cannot truly fly He may soar far above the others on strong, sturdy wings but his throat is raw with unspoken dreams that weigh him down.
I guess the question is one thing I can't live without, however there are many. You see, life is based on essentials and bare necessity.  Oxygen, food and water, but these are mundane.
You can I love you You can say I’ll be here You can feel the passion You can sense the loss of fear.   You can shine as bright as the night skies While swerving down the road
She plays a love song to the waves as they gently kiss the sand; She plays a waltz to the palm trees as they dance in unison; She plays a lullaby to the setting sun
Little feet scrambling across hard wood floors Pitter patter of fingers across computer keys Haunting notes of a bow across viola strings Laughing notes of a song to each other across empty space Fresh cookies being carried across the kitchen to s
Oh when the lights shut off And it's my turn To settle down My main concern Promise that you will sing about me  Promise that you will sing about me  I said when the lights shut off  And it's my turn  to settle down My main concern  Promise that y
What am I feeling                I'd tell you if I could                The truth is I don't even know                                I rarely do What am I thinking                I'm thinking of a song                      It's not one you know 
I've been innocent since forever But forever never came So I've been lying in this bed awake While my dreams chase after me They've been calling out my name As I look back at their stitched mouths
Yeah bitch screw you too... I hate the word love straight up So to the bitch who ripped my heart out wassup Tell me how’d it feel with the other guy?
I hear it, my body takes over.My foot uncontrollably leads the way.The beat tapping on my attention like Morse code.
Amongst the quiet young night, Surrounded by darkened green And pale yellow glowing all around, A woman sat alone on a bench With no direction to head to And thoughts that cannot be contained.
Tryin to change your mind But please don't take my warnins And leave me behind Or worse more broken But I don't know,I don't know,I don't know how I'm feelin I don't know,I don't know, I don't know who I am
I've been waiting on the sunshine, for so long it's been away. I've been waiting on the sunshine, to take me away. been pretty lost here, in this cloudless grey, and all I can do now 
I'm used to being dead last, I'm used to being in the past,  I'm used to being last kid picked  and bottom of the heap.    I'm used to being "come here." I'm used to being "go away."
oh, I've thrown too many pennies down the well and I can almost climb right out of it now. I'm waiting to get to the top so I can leave  this damaged place I come from.  I don't want to hear you say another word,
Mermaids sing a song to sweet and whispers soft gentle lies Under the ocean waters bodies lie Souls trapped in the current of ocean tides Always drowning in the devils eyes
Unexplainable feeling
Oh the weather outsi
i never can understand how a father can leave his daughters to fend for themselves he blames them for his pain but they're caught in the game the same one he  claims he lost to their mom to  
Slow down slow down No reason to get all worked up on this Take your time, take your time   Never thought you'd be worrying over this Money's a lie, it's a lie  
some days are short some days are long some days I'm weak some days I'm strong some days are poems some days are songs some days are written some days are drawn some days I'm mended
that’s the problem, I don’t know I’m on a wooden boat being tossed to and fro
Waking up feels so good Wanna do it everyday, I think I would A dream becomes reality I hope I'm right I'm blessed that I'm waking up because people really can't   Waking up is all I need
Breathe in, breathe out. A rhythm to sleep's sweet song, a dance that has no moves.   His body, my warmth. His embrace for which I long, frustrations of the day, all at once, I lose.  
Throw me on the bed and rip my clothes off. Give me hella head and force my legs apart. Put it in slow and then fuck my brains out. Cum and sweat all over, I shake and shout.  
The black bird hiddenA crow, dark as nightAmong the willow branchesCascading to the groundA song so mournfulFlat and broken, a puzzleIncomplete.
I think there are times
She sings a song so soft and sweet But it's filled with such sadness It makes you want to cry This song lets you feel her pain And you want to scream   How can this be fair you wonder
My life is like music:
When we were back in school I saw you in the corner , alone, afraid with no arms to call home You cried every day wishing for some love; still none came  
i would torch the city if it meant that you would see the light a million little fears breaking down into ash and as the tears in your eyes reflected the inferno shining bright as you began to break inside
Is that boy from Canton putting soul in his sentences?
Alone. Isn't that how it starts?I sit alone, waiting for a call A call that could possibly save my life. I am alone. My depression eats me alive But I still try. Try. I try to be happy
DarkHorse::NightMare   This is the space between my eyes This is the slowly rising tide Hear the voices in my head Listen, don't listen
The soundtrack to my life is playing Beethoven's #5 scaring me half to death scaring me as I try to find something to change this song and move on to something calm
Swish, the white and blue-lined silky fabric tingles my nylons Big, bright lights glare into my eyes, but my smile stays put until the corners of my mouth ache.
for as long as i can remember, my friend Lindsey has been in love with Peter Pan.on a night of pill bottles and pale skin, Peter visited herhospital room and the green fringes of his kid-clothes 
I lose myself, collapse; another breakdown, I find myself; rised; another landslide, I changed; succeded; another let down, but those little things outside, shutdown. I'd opened my eyes and saw what's inside,
[Verse 1:] She’s got her pale white complexion An admiring affection Smooth silky skin Burning touch, I feel it in  Wouldn’t want to meet again
Somewhere far below, A sadness deep inside, A voice inside my head, Telling me to let go   Standing in the rain, Buried in the ground, I watch myself cry   These black gloves,
Yeah I never never know, but it always goes to show that I'm not you. Oh yes it's true. And you never never know, but it always goes to show that I'm just me. Oh can't you see?
I feel your breath across my lips,  I feel your shaky fingertips. Close those eyes and take it in, As I brush against your winter skin.            
You stay up late with your coffee filled veins,As I scribble down your name.And baby, I dream with my eyes open,I can't ever be the same.
I'm writing this letter to you,
Nostalgia hit me like a wave of nausea And it ain't goin' away So I thought I'd call just to remind ya Of the good old days Don't you miss 'em, oh I really miss 'em I really miss you, too  
I sit here; you sit there I try to avoid your sidelong stare Your hands are twitching by your side I ignore the nerves you try to hide   This is why I don't go out on dates
Searching for the right thing to say To somehow make your pain go away There’s not much that I can do So I’ll just be here for you   You don’t deserve this  
Flashback to the simple times Your skinny jeans black, your t-shirt white ‘Cause now you're covered up in layers and lies It seems you've forgotten we had one hell of a ride
Most days I don't even wanna see your face. You think everything in life is always a race. If it was then I would win, even though I'm not tryin'. How does it feel to always come in second place?  
Sliver rain falls from an endless diamond sky Never dreaming of an eternal life
V1: Always kept me on the shelf what a never-ending hell can I cope with all the stress? Everyday I’m so depressed   V2:
This is the land I walk uponEntranced by its natureI heard the rain fall
Before I get as cold as stone,Before I finally die,Before I rest my weary bones,Please sing a lullaby.I've never heard one before;I don't know how they go,But 'fore I leave forevermore
i was a broken heart tied up with frayed down string bitterness sweetened by your artificial things   and when i fell asleep you were a guide to me walked me through walls of lies 
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
Let's take a drive Me in the passenger seat The taste of Alcohol and ciggarettes on your breath  It's summer crusing Summer Dreaming With you Take me away Back to the ocean
Whispers in the WindWritten by Adam M. SnowEntrance me with your tune,that gentle voice of yours.
One night, as I slept, I dreamt a dream of voices. In my dream,  I saw young choirs, In the choirs, I saw young children.   But no matter what,  I heard wonderful singers-
Let's take off our shoes and run through the grass,
A beat A rhythm A hook A chorus
By the sea I heard crashing of waves And people... I hear them shouting my name. softly... THEN LOUDLY! SHOUTING LOUDLY, "OH MORTAL! HOW DARE YOU FIGHT US! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE US!
"Hello," you say, "Goodmorning. How've you been?" All I see is heaven Lights and glory all in one.   It's how you carry yourself, Carry yourself away from me
If anyone has listened to the words of a song One will surely hear a time long gone   It comes quite swiftly too fast to avoid the feelings of the past both of sorrow and joy  
Stream of consciousness. A fill of void and mess.  Generalizing my distress in a field in which I won't digress. Yes, we are all in this world together.
I’m afraid of myself I’m afraid that I will never succeed I’m afraid that my parents will be disappointed in my decisions I’m afraid that the world will not accept me for who I am  
Look above me and you will find An unfinished song forgotten over time The notes are perfect in my heart they will collide
I've been listening to the same song over and over. My broken heart sings along because it knows all the words. The tempo fades out. Encore.
Today I heard you You spoke to me through a song Lyrics echoed you    
I sing a song to my Savior; I sing it long and sweet. The more days that pass, The sooner we shall meet.
One day you  will write a song for my soulAnd as soon as I hear it I'll just knowIt will be the tune I've waited for all alongYou'll run your fingers through my hair and say this is our song
  (Intro:) Here I want But I just can't have you My life is all about you But you just can't seem to care It was you though It was you who ended it
So I walk aimlesslyWithout aim   Where did I come from?Well, that’s a trivial matter  
One day my body decided to consume itself,      and the cells that once gave me life      will be the very own that destroy it. I ran to life itself and fell on my knees      pleading
The sun is going down, but I don't mind the sun is going down, but I don't mind Kind people are hard to find so I,
Now forever in solitude, You were quondam a token of grace. Roaming the ford of the celestial stream And belonging in my immaculate embrace.    The dulcet hold you whilom knew,
I am a song of the centuries I whisper the worries wound within
The wind whispers through the trees Softly singing, trying to comfort me But no song could sing me to sleep On a night when the stars are so bright
one day I was walking somewhere new singing an unfamiliar tune in a voice that was not my own. the sand uncomfortable in my shoes and the wind skipping across my skin chilling me through
Crying to You was not what I wanted to do For You to see me laying on the ground face down caused sweet shame so I refrained
So here I am with my ball-point pen Hoping what I write will be a musical win Should I make it in the key of A or G? I'm stressing out now, what should it be?
We all have song in our hearts. Many are afraid to be heard. Some people do not sing. No, they do not sing a word.   Why would someone hold back,
If there could ever be a moment where I believed the love songs  It would be now    Because you're walking down the sidewalk a sight as beautiful as heavens doors  
When I was in middle school I was such a fool Hanging around with my pals Acting so very “cool.” But I’m in high school now I’ll make it through somehow... Oh for heaven’s sake
There is a certain lullaby that floats through the air in spring with its bright, vibrant colors and cool, gentle bliss the lullaby is the song that Mother Nature sings in her warm, breathy way
Little ones sing soft and sweet In their castles safe to dream I once lived in a castle too Long before I was torn from you   Father, forgive me for I have sinned
What is the idea that started this all? The one that broke the glass?
Voice…what is it? Why is it that there are so many types?Some have voices…like the Mona Lisaand others have it as the crushedpaper you find in wastebaskets.
I feel the gazes All the sages in the world couldn't take away the problems The lie they tell Is only a part of the pie they say sell When we all fell We were told that it was what we were all sold into
I can't distinguish my anger from the tearsBut still I wish you were hereThey say you never know what you had till its goneBut I've missed you for so long I've missed you for so long That January day will never fade awayThe feeling I felt when the
I flip open the lid Put the earbuds in Turn Pandora on And think, "Where's my song?" Where is the beat that Stays with you like a hat Or tells a story all my own Of where I'm from, how I've grown.
Those harsh words you have spoken Cannot be taken back with regret later despite your regret, our relationship is broken I guess the best gotten from you was your anger
My open mind made frown by a nation, still keeping dark thoughts with hopes for color separation, can't they see its just a spectacle, a blimp in space and time, your words have no weight,
She really thought it was real this time She was stubborn that this time, this time he was the one So she danced with words on her tongue  And made him feel like a prince
I look to you for hope, I look to you for love, I look to you in times of desperation, Where there is none to give, I need your holy presence, For I come to loose the way, And when I do I learn to love, Loving greater than before, A love so grand
It took years to find you, and when I did, I didn't know I had. Wisps of flowing white and knitted yarn lined your contours,  and I knew that my world had shifted course specifically for us to brush hands.
Set a melody in my heart To sing only for You Let the harmonies of all nations arise Just for You, Lord. He who holds the universe in its place Holds my heart tonight. He who makes the heart beat
Freedom is - to each his own - to some the wings to fly from home to soar the sky in search of the rumored happiness freedom is.   The choice he has to spread his wings
There's just somethin Bout the beat of a drum, An acoustic guitar, The way a man strums That touches my heart And moves my feet, Always making me Feel the beat   The cowboy boots
Not trying to impress, Only trying to express, But i digress. Ingest my ideas Regress to a state With no hate Grate my brain to rid it of pain I can't explain O world refrain
I am a bird within this cage but you are too rough with me so I will not sing. 
I’m alive,The sensory tips of my fingers help me feel free.The tiny particles of air,Smaller than we could ever fathom,Throwing the tiniest of punches at my armAs they whip by at a speed of 50 miles an hour Out in the open air,My skin flutters.I a
You take more than just rings  All the pearls and shiny things It will never end It will never ever end You meet your victim at a bar
Enthralled by your unbounded beauty That I admire all seven days a sennight, It is me that you do not see; My heart pounds madly at your mere sight. Although we descend from people of conflicting histories,
The world has shut me out. Told to never speak truths again. My mind holds back my hearts true nature and shoves it in a corner of doubt. My poor heart slowly becomes passive like a wild lion whipped into submission.
When you feel like the weight of the world is on you, I'll be there to help you out. 'Cause I want to take away the pain and show you that there’s more than These little things haunting and hurting you.
I am looking for a long-term fulfilling relationship with Music.Primal in beat, with ascending crescendos of melodyPassionate in rhythm, emoting steady confident surety
I wish that I could sing you a song A song to take away your pain Unfortunately I can’t carry a tune But if I could You would be so amazed At the melodies I would sing Your soul would smile
I cry because you care, and I laugh because you're sincere please don't get lost in the forest, oh dear..... but i'll still love when you're not here, even though they'll call me weird
Just another quiet night A song left on repeat Singing softly to myself Happily and completely off beat.
Music, the icing on the cake, Music, the jubilant fish in the lake. The vibes of my heart, The most colorful form of art. My bright life and happiness so far, Comes with the lid of the piano slightly ajar.
See the silent voices on the stand The black and white beneath your hand Do you dare to touch or even look You gaze at the lines in the open book The dots that bounce with yearning song
Standing still, eyes planted on the framed piece before me. Canary yellow, alive like a dandelion takes me back to the two room house on Spaghetti Hill. Red, as deep as blood that flows through our veins,
I baked an apple pie today, Just for him. It patiently waits on the counter' And maybe he'll see it on Sunday,
JImble gets aboard on the big fluffy puff, Snowy white as the clouds; As he flies high he yells "good-bye!" Because nobody else was aloud. Looking high towards the heavens, he trick-ley smiles,
My song sings millions Though words are mute Mute the chaos, the slander, the world— The world needs to hear my song.
Soil Provides A Solid Stage Rocks Are The Props The Sun Provides A Spotlight Wind Whistling A Gentle Tune River Flows In Peaceful Melody Rain Sings A Happy Song Grass Swaying In Gentle Rhythm
What is pain? What are tears? When you have a million questions with no fears. Born to this world Without a trace. Left in the dark, left to defend. And, you start so low. But, come up so high.
You don't know what to do But that's okay because nobody knows Just let the sun shine on your skin And let the clouds carry you there Let it all in And don't block anything out
I really wanted to write you a love song But I dont know how the words are wrong the message isn't strong jummbled around creating a different tune and sound out of key a strange melody
There's a song for every story a story for every song. It's one thing you can count on in the days that are so long.
Her singing is like an angels song addicting and lovable with every note She weaves me into her web of songs Keeping me with every change in note enchanting me till I know of nothing except that of her
Fighter Put on those gloves and I feel the power surge.  I feel the lightning in my veins. I hear the thunder in my heart. I become stronger with every drop of sweat. I become faster with every breath.
A song for the brokenhearted. The battered, The bruised. A song for the scared. The trembling, The timid. A song for the fighters. The determined, The brave.
The World ending in Fire, or perhaps in Ice, Possibly Darkness, Maybe Light. The Fires of Passion. Glaciers of Hatred. The Fear of Darkness. Light of Acceptance.
Would you sit with me again, and pour your heart in song? As I crawl and drag myself along, You crawled too, shared my burden with me.
I know that saying: cheer up, or just smile, Might not be the medicine to your pain, Or saying: don’t worry; it’ll get better in a little while, Might not be the antidote to the poison in your brain,
Would you stay? Just a little while longer. Must you leave me right now? Would you let me feel your gentle touch Before I can feel it no more. And your beautiful lullaby voice.
In the black of night, A mournful song pierces the silence. Crying to the moon, The beast lifts his head once more. His yellow eyes glow, Stars fallen from the heavens
The sea sings a sweet song of my desire Morning sunlight kisses my warm, pale cheeks A marbled sunrise painted the color of fire On wind-swept sand sea birds preen with their beaks
Lounging on a park bench, thinking back to my childhood days, I’m reminded of myself and my playful ways. Facetious, amused, lacking the demand for major decisions, Every feeling and moment hard to envision.
He and I had something beautiful, But so dysfunctional it couldn’t last I tell myself all the words he surely meant to say, It must have been love but it’s over now.
Some birds, kind sir, never break free of their cage. Some birds think it nice inside the glistening, gold, columns of their prison. In example, a Raven born into its' golden “home”,
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