I don't know what this is, but I can't sleep until I write it.

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 17:40 -- MHickok

Filler full of toast, see

That'll get the ghost, see,

eat it up, you're close see, knave.

Give it to your ghosty

holler to your host-y

Callout til your toasty babe

do-do do-do do-do do, do-do do-do do-do-do de-da de-da de-da ti awhoo

Got this rhythm in your head

It'll keep you dancin til you're dead

Now keep on beat and keep on time,

You know we'll be just fine


Calling for your lesson plan,

An' try and teach this lesson, man,

open up and keep on screamin,

but we all know we're not dreamin'

Life is just the middle man

ANd all you've done is what you can


Whether or not there's time to save

Drainin out what soul you've gained

Pretty soon it's got you tamed~

Leave you living like a slave

it'll take you to an early grave

Swifter than a lemon babe


Filler full of toast see

That'll get the ghost see,

eat it up, you're close see, knave.

Give it to your ghosty

holla to your host-y

Callout to your toasty babe

do-da do-da do-da-do a do-da do-da do-do-do de-da de-da de-da ti awhoo

It don't matter what you say

It's far too late to get away

Even with a small delay

It's got you by the rhythm babe

It's time to see what you can do

Turn it upside-down and blue

Even with a heart so true,

The music's got its grip on you



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