Song From My Soul

Shall I allow these iron bars that encage my body to also encage my soul
Verily i say these bars will not be allowed to constrain me

a prisoner i may well physically forever remain
Spiritually my soul yearns eternally to be released and set free
My voice shall not be allowed to be silenced

From this cage It shall ring out and be lifted up
give wings to my dissertation for the masses
Sending out a message to fall upon your ears

I shall sing a song from my soul for all the world to listen to join in and sing.
It shall begin so softly that the ear will have to strain to hear a single note.
Steadily building in volume and emotion that it shall soar and be heard around the world

A message in its purest form to be treasured
then safely and securely be saved and tucked away in the individual hearts,
so it may be cherished till the end of time.


This poem is about: 
Our world


Dutch Hawkeye

This is about someone who feels their voice doesn't matter, but is determined to be heard, that the message they have is important and needs to be heard; by the world.

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