Satin and lace

The girl with the porcelain face

God bless Nell

The little girl


She sits on a stand

The girl with the porelain hands

God bless Nell

The little girl


She's seen too much through her painted eyes

She holds her emotions in

She knows not to fuss, complain or cry


God bless Nell

The little girl


Her porcelain body is her holding cell

For a tortured soul 

Named Nell


An abused child who suffered years of pain

Within this porcelain body she remains


Trapped in a ceramic Hell

I want to see you Nell



Take me down to the valley of the dolls

I want to see you Nell

A familiar heartache I know to well

Some of us find a way of surviving our hell



God bless Nell

The little girl

The soul within the ceramic doll made of glass

A tortured soul of a tortured child who now haunts this item since she passed

Her tormented soul lives in this creamic hell

Take me down to the Valley of the Dolls

I wanna see you Nell



She was a loner

Who only had a few friends

Then they moved away, leaving her all alone  again

No one to be there for her

No one to care

Her heart broken and full of dispair


Always in trouble no matter what she did

People say she was a really strange kid

Just sat by herself, looking sad and withdrawn

Don't know why people didn't see it all along


The isolation

The sadness

The hurt in her eyes

But even if she would've told anyone

Her abusers would've just said that she lied

And she tries

To do her best not to cry

Tears equal punishment

So she died and her soul went on

To the Valley of The Dolls


(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)



The broken misfit child

Broken within

Never to heal

Because the goodness only lasts for a little while

All hell will break loose again and then she will pay the price

For whatever goes wrong 

No wonder the child never smiled

This misfit now a soul within porcelain

Has a painted smile on her face

Nell, the little girl

Sits on a stand

In this place

Welcome to the Valley Of The Dolls


(Guitar Solo)


(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)





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Our world


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