Secrets {succubus} Verse 1:I try to not do it  but it's so hard not to love you.  I see your features when your gone.  They radiate in everyone  With your love I'm so far gone.  Can't tell you how I feel.  No word or words can explain it.  I'm just captured by your being.  No thought or emotion can erase it.  I can try to change my mind.  But you'll still be there waiting.  Throughout all time.  It'll be you that I wish I was dating.  If I had to make a wish.  It would be  that my dreams could come true.  And maybe for just that one night it could be just me and you.  I love the way you smile.  Your laugh enchants my soul.  I love the way you talk.  Your voice is as soothing as dying old.  I can exchange  experience for your innocents.   I know some might say I get the better deal.  By why share your heart with someone who doesn't want it for real.  Chorus:I know what you want. I know what you want to see. It's no longer a secret. Baby let it just be. I know what you want. I know I know what you want to see. It's no longer a secret just let it be.  Breakdown:Give me a chance and take my hand. Let's not get caught up in pleasantries.  Just give me a chance. Maybe we can dance and drift off like memories. Maybe it's a long shot but then maybe it's closer than we think. Let's just give it a chance Maybe we can be as permanent as words written in stone. Not as erasable as ink.  Chorus #2:I know your secret but it's safe with me. Why worry about what others will see. Why think about others than me. I know your secret it's safe with me.  Verse 2:Jealousy doesn't look pretty on me I do agree. Admittedly that's a flaw that I should beat. That's a call that I should take. Pick me up I see your license plate. I don't care where you're going. Drop me off later. I just want to go for the ride. Your presence my present for later. I don't got a car but I'll drop the note. Get whatever you want if it's more than Coach. I know you hate my galavanting and that's why I love ya. I'll give you the world and nothing less. Or we can both live in happiness off my excess. We can move to Hollywood I got the access. We can move to Bollywood if you insist.  As long as I'm with you happiness will exist. Hard times and good times. The latter in fewer times. But as long as I see you I'll be alright. Cuz no matter how much I try I can't let you go. Age dripped on my face like an open quote. I pay no attention to numbers. Just pay it and go.  But let me pay attention to your numbers. Read respond enjoy and laugh. End quote.  This is longer than the first one only because I can tell you nowthat I know you read this far. That I love you more than a hot headLoves a new car. More than an Astrologist loves stars. More than a quarterback loves to throw far. I love you more than words can explain. I love you more than anything I write can contain. I love you and that alone should hold some weight. But it doesn't.  So as I leave I'll watch that secret be erased from the slate. Nice to see I'm not the only heartless one left on earth. Soft words you speak yet sharp actions you preach. I love you even more now though. Cuz I love the way you cut me off. Right as I was about to begin my feast. I get it I got it.  I was the one being hunted. I'm your trophy now right. Capes. 

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