Yeah bitch screw you too...

I hate the word love straight up

So to the bitch who ripped my heart out wassup

Tell me how’d it feel with the other guy?

And be honest is that why you said goodbye

and remember I told you, you were perfect in my eyes

But I gotta be honest I fucking lied

Because a perfect girl won't play me

Like I thought a relationship was A & B

but now that I think back to it I guess I was a C

That shits foul someone call a referee

And don't forget the bullshit reasons you gave me!

But I denied the inevitable

I can’t trust people like you, eat me like I’m edible

I’ve been screwed over a few times so I think I’m credible

The fact I forgave you is idiotic

Got me so angry I’m feeling psychotic

But if I take a second to think about this let's get symbolic

My heads a crowded frat house of rage, it's completely chaotic

I know I’m not the only one it's so common it's biotic

but the pain and lies hurt so good it's erotic

why do I always fall for this shit repeating like I'm robotic

(da da da da, da da da da)

I’m a kid I know

But your lies gave me lyrics for this dope ass flow

I’m over you and I swear my egos gonna blow

tell me where’s my sincere apology

I thought you truly cared for me

but bitch you care more about cosmetology

I won’t say your name because I think I’ve said enough

I hope you know who you are and listening to this becomes tough

I’m sure I’ll find a loyal girl

one that’ll make my head whirl

I’ll treat her like a princess like I do for you miss

I’ll hug and hold her and don’t forget kiss

she’ll get those long paragraphs in the morning

even longer when the rain is pouring

because I’ll make sure she’s happy

cause bitch you had me feeling so crapy

“Why you do dis” in the words of chappie

(Da da da da, da da da da)

That's it for now you can step out of my life

you can continue your rife

The rainbow shining over my head

wasn’t worth all the rain that kept me up in bed

So thanks baby girl.


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