Lost Love

Mon, 03/10/2014 - 02:08 -- Mo.Ram


Albuquerque, NM
2912 Shirley NE
United States
Here I want
But I just can't have you
My life is all about you
But you just can't seem to care
It was you though
It was you who ended it
ALL (scream)
(Verse 1:)
Why the hell did you ever stay? 
Just living your lies
It was me who had to pay.
I was the one who gave you everything
But you didn't seem to care you never did
What we had was to be forever
But it was forever that didn't last.
It was you who couldn't last.
(We were to be forever!) ( screaming in background)
It's our love that holds us together
But we broke
Now our pieces are lost.
It's our past that now lives in my dreams.
(it was our love that held us together!) (screaming in background)
(Verse 2:)
It's my memories that keep me sane
But it's was what we had that was a dream.
Life passes by and I'm still living the past.
Just how did this happen to me?
Did you leave because of 
ME! ( Scream)
(Bridge:) ( slow to fast)
I knew it would end
But how could it end with you gone?
Don't worry I'll be okay. 
( Voice begins to rise)
This is where we ended.
You disappeared from me
Don't worry 
I'LL. BE. OK.AY!  (scream)
(Chorus 2x) 


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