Ballad of an Egotistical Hero

I am your hero,

a hero with a fiery passion,

my power able to vanquish even the mightiest foes,

foes who wish to do you harm.


No dragon is too powerful,

nor wraith far too tricky,

no amount of ghouls too many,

there’s not a single drop of hydra venom too potent for me.


I am your hero,

I am brains as well as brawn,

smart enough to outfox any tricky beast,

my astuteness knows no bounds as I vanquish every vile creature.


Many say I do it all for fame and glory,

that simply is not true,

simply not true at all,

the perquisites of the job is simply just a given.


Life is not easy for a hero just like me,

everywhere you look there could be some hidden vile foe,

no time for rest for a hero,

you never know when an enemy may strike.


Don’t worry for I feel no fear,

these rapscallions can try their best,

I’ll only send them flyin’,

for I am the greatest hero this world has to offer.


Ladies swoon before me,

men’s covetousness will lead them asunder,

no wonder I am top dog,

the others are simply blunders.


As long as there is evil in this dark and frightful world,

I will stay by your side,

a hero by all means,

the one who saves the day.



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