Sugar Coated Liberty


United States

America pledged a sugar coated liberty

To sweeten such bitter remorse.

Yet her heart burned by trepidity

When she hid her wounds with words.


She sang a twisted song,

Her lyrics laced with dread

Becuase no sooner could a river flow

Than would she sing a song mislead,


Her children listened to the lullaby,

To which the lyrics tasted honey sweet

And from the blanket their hopes had fabricated

Their hearts were warmed complete.


Then the dreamy tune haded,

The nightmare shown beneath.

As the tears trickled from Ms. Liberty's eyes

They heard each ballad's hidden grief.


With an ache they watched

Their country hang from the string of lies;

The ones they'd so obediently sang,

Though discovered to despise.

This poem is about: 
My country


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