Road to hell paved with good intentions (song)

The road down to hell is paved with good intentions
what’s love,
when the lust is gone
You lied and you stood hidden from sight
giving him the keys to steal my soul
My heart pounded with fury
the tears poured down my mangled face
As i watched you walk away with my soul
I pleaded and begged...please please stop him
he’s my only reason to breathe
you snickered
stood tall and lied
While my soul played in his arms
I stumbled out of the burning building
With train tracks ahead
I walked the lonely road to hell, paved with good intentions
Hey hey hey
Soon there he was the devil's knight
Pulling me back from the tracks
Into lusty love
Soon my knight turned to the luciferian
he tried and tried
to steal what was left of my shell
Only to drowned the lust into bloody love
Who lied?
Who had to compromise?
Who had to sacrifice it all
While i lie beaten and deformed in bed
hearing the voices
Seeing the shadows in the dark
feeling the demons scratching my skin
only ashes fall from my body
Dried lips
cracked with desire
Mouth sticky,
starving for my lusty knight
What’s love when the lust is gone
The lust is gone
Again he’s given the key to rewind that fate full day
When he took my soul
My reason for breathing
Sent me down the road to hell paved with good intentions
Planning the white ceremony of lies
I stood there before my knight
and swallowed the blue pills of awakening
Only the devils knight ran into the fire
Leaving me naked and alone
I called to him once more
Only to fade away
Fade away
Fade away
and awaken into my divine light
uhuh ha oohh
The road down to hell paved with good intentions

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My family
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