O' How Cruel Are You, Love

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 10:02 -- Crosby


O’ how cruel are you, love!

You torment me with your song,

You wrap my heart in your arms.

You remind me of my misery,

You fill my heart with fire,

You set me ablaze once again.


O’ how I wish to be alive once again.

To feel the drive on set by love

The deepest depths of my soul on fire.

To sing again a new song

To be relieved of this dark misery

To find myself in another’s arms


O’ how I long to be in loving arms

To feel the love of a princess again

A love that can banish my misery.

How I desire to feel that love

To hear that beautiful song

To feel that burning fire.


My soul and heart are like fire

The flames wrap my love in its arms

the warmth sings out its song

But no, love evades me again

She denies me the joy of love

She allows the growth of my misery.


She fills me with more misery

She suffocates my fire.

This cruel mistress love,

She destroys me time and time again

She holds my destruction in her song


I try to deafen the song

I try to shut out the misery

I rebel again and again

I try to stoke the fire

I search for loving arms

But every time I’m avoided by love


Again there goes my fire

I try to escape the misery in another’s arms

But no I hear the cruel song of love.

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