My Flawless Heart


I lose myself, collapse; another breakdown,

I find myself; rised; another landslide,

I changed; succeded; another let down,

but those little things outside, shutdown.

I'd opened my eyes and saw what's inside,

not knowing what I was capable inside.

I will never look back at my old self. 

I'd crushed myself, with makeup.

Only cared for the looks; no attention was given.

Being blinded by reality.

I didn't want it to be real, this reality,

but I'd found a way, a pathway.

Being myself made me beautiful.

Now that I found my individuallity, and found my pride.

My new friends describe me as;

Kindness, Generousity, Trustworthy, Perfect.

I've fixed my flaws and reached a conclusion,

Nothing is more beautiful than having a beautiful personality.

Judgements don't matter to me, because my heart is flawless.

I am flawless.














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