I Will Cope


I flip open the lid
Put the earbuds in
Turn Pandora on
And think, "Where's my song?"

Where is the beat that
Stays with you like a hat
Or tells a story all my own
Of where I'm from, how I've grown.

I long for a melody full and clear
Void of secrets, void of fear
That knows no bounds from ear to ear
That allows me to cry a joyful tear.

And I feel in my words even
When the darkest hour steepens
And I'm lost with no voice at all
That if I sing this song, I won't fall.

But it's there only for a fleeting time
Before it fades away on the dime
And I can no longer feel its presence
My happiness like its life, past tense.

But I'm still waiting for that song
Will it come from a boy who can do no wrong?
Or a family that loves me all day long,
I wait for it to finally say I belong.

Close the lid, shut off Pandora
Wait another day for that aurora
That song of light, beauty, and hope,
Goodnight my song, with you in my dreams, I will cope.


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