The Heroine's Song


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See the silent voices on the stand
The black and white beneath your hand
Do you dare to touch or even look
You gaze at the lines in the open book
The dots that bounce with yearning song
The fourths and fifths the sound is strong
You take your stance and raise your hands
You bring them down the story sounds
The cold of the night is a high C's trill
The descent of the A is the fall from the hill
We bounce C to the G and Fred to the fern
We pull A to the D and let Max have a turn
As A major seven becomes C major 2
The hero revives and meets his love true
When the crescendo begins the prophet speaks
The words he spoke disturbed the peace
But some declared that his words were rough
The prophet's vision made the other men scoff
But the words that were said in the key of B
Made our hero wonder if he was not free
The deep thrums of the Ds brought the story low
As the love of the hero looked on, fell the snow
As the dragon arose B minor began
And the hero fell under its mightyhand
But his love that was true fell to A minor 2
And with the help of D major the dragon she slew
As the joyful keys cheered in their As Bs and Cs
Chord E brought the song to its highest degrees!
The reverberation resounds
The lover was crowned
But the loss of her love, E minor said
Was a burden she bore until her very end
The hero forever in her memory
Was singing the song of love to she
The joy of the A, the laugh of the C
The sorrow G, the weeping of B
The keys played a melody softer than silk
They let the sad loving girl wilt
On her deathbed she knew, as the darkness grew
Her lover would be with her soon
The B minor let us think it was the end
But C major told us it had only began
The clouds rolled back and she could see
The glory where she would forever be
And I can't play a song, no A's and no C's
No B minor,s D minors, Gs, or Es
To tell you the wonders in this place she saw
But I can tell you that she never stopped being in awe
To carry you out I'll let a soft B escape
From the flitting of fingers on the white cape
And the black bars tell you the sharps and the flats
Are only a hint of where she's at
Take the song as it is, as the melody slows
And B minor takes the song home



OH MY GOD!!! You are a genius!!!! I love it!

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