I'm writing this letter to you,

I should have called but now this is all that i can do.

I spent too much time worrying about everybody else,

I didn't realise how much time I wouldn't have.


How many days did i ditch the bus i knew you'd be riding?

How many days were you sitting alone and i just kept flying?

How many days will i regret every word I didn't say?


Every single day.

Oh, every single day!


Sneaking through the weeds outside, causing such a fuss,

My Daddy'd come out yellin', you loved to make him cuss.

When i asked about your bloody knuckles, you answered with a laugh,

You couldn't care less what anybody else said.


How many days did I catch the bus and laugh along with ya?

How many days did we sit right there and talk about whatever?

How many days will i cherish every word i got to say?


Every single day.

Oh every single day!


In 900 Years

This is something i wrote for a friend who died at the age of 17, due to an enlarged heart.

He died because his heart was too big.


This is what I could give him.

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