A Song for You

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 11:16 -- Myther

I wish that I could sing you a song
A song to take away your pain
I can’t carry a tune
But if I could
You would be so amazed
At the melodies I would sing
Your soul would smile
And your hands would clap
But once more
The gift of song was not bestowed on me
But if it was
Oh, if it was
Even the birds would pause and listen
The harmonies and symphonies
They all would be for you
To take away the anguish
That accompanies your humanity
If I could sing a song
That song would be for you
The beauty and the splendor
Of all the world’s delights
Would be carried in those notes
Music will not lend its ear
And such a song I cannot sing
But if you would lend an ear
I want you to know
That if I could
I would sing you a song
A song filled with beauty
And a song just for you
A song that you would never forget
Because it personified you


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