How I Feel

What am I feeling                I'd tell you if I could                The truth is I don't even know                                I rarely do What am I thinking                I'm thinking of a song                      It's not one you know                      It's not one anyone knows                             no one but me      It plays in my mind over and over        There's no rhythm or beat         I'd give you the lyrics,                 But it'd just be empty           There are no words to the song of my heart          There are no connected thoughts      There are no notes or music at all            Yet it keeps on playing      There is no tune to get stuck in your head             It's stuck in mine                          and mine alone                                         it doesn't end                               it just repeats                            different everytime                           yet always the same           always lost                            nothing to hold to                                                         everything swirling                            everything falling The song of the dark     but not of the night          no stars or moon               to shine or give peace          no shimmering breezes               or crisp cool air            only deep pitsand the noise of nothing the song of the cold     but not like sparkling snow          like the cold stone wall                       with no life, no soul                 the coldness of death         with the hatred of lifethe tone of orange                   the colors of me the song of the bird     but not of the crow           not so rough and full           not passionately so     the sound of the vulture           as high as the sun                 barely in sight          while you cover your ears   the sound of my mind  the sound of my heart  the sound of my soulthey are one

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