stay -----a song----

I'm used to being dead last,

I'm used to being in the past, 

I'm used to being last kid picked 

and bottom of the heap. 


I'm used to being "come here."

I'm used to being "go away."

I'm used ito being so many things that I can't even say.


But with you,

you say, "Don't walk away,

Don't give it up. Don't give in. 

Just stop for a moment and stay." 


I know that what I'm looking for

is a home to belong to,

someone to belong to. 

I feel like I've been out in the wind.

I want to find some shelter  

before the storm begins again.  


And I don't want to try anymore,

because you took my heart

and now all that's left is an open door. 

All I want you to do now

is say," Stay with me, baby. You can stay here forever.

You and me togethor we could be, 

yeah we could be a family." 


And I look at the sky,

it's still grey.

I look out at the world with dismay.

But with you,

I could see,  

there might be 

a ray of light.

One life,  and I don't want to waste it

chasing rainbows 

when I know by morning they'll disappear. 


I, I could be happy,

I could be content,

I could be anything, 

If my whole life was spent

with you.  

I could be graceful,

and no longer vain

I could be so many things,

but you won't call again.


And all I ever wanted

was to hear a single word.

It's not that much to ask of you. 

You don't have to go far out of your way. 

All I want to hear is you say "stay with me. 

You can stay forever,baby. It's okay. You don't have to leave."


All these times I've been here before,

circles keep repeating. 

I'm living in the circle and it's giving me a beating.

I'm so black and blue 

from him to you 

to you to me to oh.

I don't know,

I can't take this mob mentality no more.


I'm waiting for the lights to come on,

waiting for the day to pass,

waiting for the life to start,

and all I can do is ask you to stay with me. 

You don't have to leave.

you don't have to run away, you don't have to hide away no more.

It's okay. You can stay with me, 

you and me here together 


because I want you,

I need you,

to stay with me.

Without you I'm so incomplete.

so could you stay with me?

Would you stay?












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Love it! :D

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