Never did I think that I would
stoop so low as to fall into
this deep darkness that doesn't end
this coldness that punctures the soul.

This is all my fault, my fault that
now you don't want to talk to me.

You were such a good friend to me,
why did I have to mess that up?
Every thing that I've done so far,
none of it has been the right thing.

Hey I'm sorry
Will you forgive me?
I just want to
Make things right again.
This is all wrong
can we please be friends?
You don't deserve
this sadness I gave you.

You did not ask for my love but
I shoved it into your face now
guess that backfired didn't it
now I'm regretting everything

Now I'm falling, falling into
something I don't want to live through

Please just give me one more chance to
be that good friend, and nothing else.
If you do I swear to you that
I will love you just as a friend

Yes I know that
I've made some mistakes.
Now I'm here to
all my wrong doings.
Trying to heal
Our old friendship we had.

Not one day passes by that I
don't think about my own mistakes.
I won't ask for love anymore
let's restart and try this again?

I didn't mean to ruin anything.
Our old friendship, let's try that again?

I know this is a lot to ask
but how 'bout we try this once more?
This time I'll just be a good friend,
how does that sound, 'cause I'm beggin'

I just screwed up
my closest friendship.
I hope this song
can fix something up.
Let's resolve this
tension between us.
If I have to
I will do anything.

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