Dear Love

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 23:58 -- Chewy


United States
38° 47' 3.7968" N, 77° 16' 50.6712" W

I cry because you care, and I laugh because you're sincere
please don't get lost in the forest, oh dear.....
but i'll still love when you're not here, even though they'll call me weird
because the thought of losing you captivates me with fear

so i drive fast with high gear, obliterate all my fears
and write poems in simple concepts that stays in history for years
like dear love, you're the reason that caused all this drama
but you're also the reason that kept together mi familia

even when reality tried to interfere with ugly karma
you taught me to stand strong and own my life like a fortune tella
so over time I realized I'm goin harder,better,faster,stronger
you know I made a promise to protect you with love from now and forever

because even if our lives have a limited span of time
love spreads so infectiously like a rumorous grapevine
so if you're feelin lonely, let's kick a brief chat
I want to hear from you, and see where you're at

because it's all love.


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