Swan Song

One day my body decided to consume itself,

     and the cells that once gave me life

     will be the very own that destroy it.

I ran to life itself and fell on my knees


     for just a little more time

But she laughed to my face with a Cheshire grin


Haven't you had enough?

it dawned on me that you were bored of me

so I decided to give you a change

at least, my child, I granted you the blessing

of knowing when your time will come

so that way you can lavishly enjoy

what small grain of sand that has yet to fall.


Would it be a curse

to pass by sheer surprise?

Or would the knowledge of time

consume you

with regret and sorrow 


Or would you, instead, 

sing your lavish swan song

loud and bright


If only

If only

Life were that simple-

If only



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