Competition Day

At the top of the bleachers in an unfamiliar school, judges look out over a vast crowd.

Speakers over 8 feet tall are stacked together blasting 90’s, 2K, and Today’s music,

Just loud enough to ring over a conversation with your neighbor.

The sudden cutoff of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” halts the anthem of this Show Choir gathering.

The echo of footsteps on a stage in the middle of the packed gymnasium draws your focus to a spotlight.

Papers rustling and instruments behind the risers distract from the night’s announcer.

A hush of anticipation rumbles through the rows of competitors.

The pounding of our hearts in our ears won’t deter our smiles directed at our audience.

In single file lines, we stand at the edge of the stage like soldiers who await the command of their general.

We await the tapping on the director’s stand to countdown our entrance.

Breathless silence falls with an excitable stillness.

We brace for the inevitable outburst of accompaniment for our chosen numbers.






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