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If my boy Hercules was a modern lad He would definitely be a high school Chad He'd be the MVP on the football team Making all of the Greek girls wanna scream He'd be that dude going on spouts
 Fresh 16 my life was great, license, car, fuel in my tank.A simple question asked of my mother flipped my world like to fucking otherHer eyes told me the answer, the one I did not want to hearand this began the best and yet worst of my yearTo the
What’s in an attraction? Sure the structure of your face Can be aesthetically pleasing But that doesn’t make me want to fuck you
Their hands intertwined, eyes locked, lips magnetize, claiming intimacy.But his clever lines don't tamper with her pastUnless he's eager to ask"How many boyfriends have you had?"
Do not fall in love with a sandy haired, blue eyed boy. He will clumsily walk along the edge of the sidewalk with a stick in his hands. Awkward laughter lingering in the cold of february,
it's 11:58 and i can't sleep, glitter is coming out of my eyes and it's cutting them open   my ears are dripping beeswax in some dumb attempt to block it out    im alone, so alone
Face   What is the face? That I should be angry to Mine? The void? The ground? Tell me to scream
This Nation America Claims to be Learned But We Cannot Find a Way To Give Our Children the Education They Deserve From Elementary School we can see the funds are Preserved Somewhere Else  
To think of who I was last year is tricky I am not now who I am now. I am not better, i am not worse.   My heart is certainly broken for all my heroes i have lost telling me to be free
Remember when we talked about coming of age Well it's pretty hard to see  when I know  Imma be the same height 
She is happy, she is sad. She is excited, she is afraid. She is confident, she is scared. She is loved, she is alone.  
  strangers again You were a stranger. Stranger than me? not by a long shot friend, I’d see you, you “see” me. As someone deeper, perhaps deeper than the rest.
I'm jealous of the people Who never freak out!   I'm jealous of the people Who only cry at books And movies, and not in class!   I know I am so, so lucky To have great family
It's easier to fool yourself than face reality. People bash on society to hide the truth. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" It's a bunch of bullshit
She wore it to his funeral, But it’s also the aura of her soul. It’s murder in cold blood; she stabbed him 27 times.             It’s the colour of hearts breaking apart, The colour of death and imperfection.
Little girl sits in her room terrified, “The monsters in my head won’t leave me be…” “Go away, go away,” she softly cried. “I can’t close my eyes ‘cause they’re all I see.”  
People mistake my sadness for poetry, But what they don’t realize is, It’s just my soul bursting from me. My mistakes, My heartaches, My life, My strife. I write them all out,
I can stop at any time, I don’t need it. I just want it. The needles, the pills… The crystal, the shrooms… The dust, the dragon… My tabs, my acid… My herbs and my rock… I like the warmth,
Across the scarlet horizon she stares, Her motivation gone, she no longer cares. Closer and closer to the edge she creeps, “He doesn’t love me. He doesn’t want me,” is all she speaks.
“Can we be friends?” he asked. “Sure.” She lied. (I just wanted more…) “Are you okay?” he asked. “I’m fine.” She lied. (I’m dying on the inside…) “I’m always here for you.” He said.
Pronounced dead Is the one who can’t breathe But when around you I can’t. And I’m fully alive. My eyes can’t see Ears can’t hear. Heart can’t beat. Lungs can’t contract.
Your eyes used to shine with the stars, Like constellations in the night. Now they flicker with uncertainty, Dimness… Like a firefly slowly dying, Losing its spark.   What used to be, isn’t.
You’re a fragile spirit, afraid to leave the grave of which you were laid to rest. Metaphorically, of course… Flowers used to grow in your veins and now they’ve long withered away and died.
Money - that is the world's currency. Evidently, it is also the world's ecstasy - what it runs on, and sadly what can make or break a situation.
What the fuck am I A girl or a guy Why can't I decide On which side I lie I dream of removing my breasts Shaving my head Having muscles cut out of marble I want to scream
And I seem to be waiting in the vastness of my room for an ideal reply, while I sink in my mental comfort and dark clouds of summer memories.
**I had to seriously sit down and write what I felt, I'm sorry . I love going back to my emotions maybe I'll feel the same way before and read this. Maybe I'll smile and maybe I'll cry but I know I needed this outlet**
While others in this world sit in starvation and misery We gather as a nation to bitch and whine. I mean why not? Aside from a good education, A roof over our heads, People who love us,
On female privilege:
It’s always fun when something totally consumes you. When your mind goes blank and feeling lost becomes fun.
The kids, they’re all whiteThey say they can write
High school was already a hell... stress, late nights, and humiliation the main currency, but at least we were free to be ourselves -at least they had that decency.   The "crisis" for my generation;
the words in my head have taken on a new voice.
Australian actor Mel Phoned his wife to give her hell. Unknown to Gibson she recorded his rant And we all got to hear his unholy chant.
It started with a book All good things start with a book   I read the story that changed my way of thinking   The way we are sheilded In this "accepting" society.
I have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder - inattentive subtype a.k.a. ADD which means my mind works differently from most
They say life is like a book of handwritte
Cease and desist Or else suffer the consequence We live in a police state Corruption is rampant Forces of racists and brutatlity reign Another innocent gunned down, bring a city to fame
no knife to my chest no slit to my wrists yes life is a bitch but i still put up with all of life's bullshit it may push me to the side, stomp on me make me cry. rip me off the wall then laugh at it all, like a
It's 12:07 AM and I wanted to make a blog to rant but I'm too scared of someone stumbling upon it and reading about my life because I'm scared of what my peers will think and how tainted my reputation
Let it go, let your mind go free! Don’t pick up the pen from the paper! Keep writing for the entire hour! I wanna see where your mind goes.
We swear we live for liberation So then why are we faking and making it seem we don’t really care about this nation We are the people, the people that demand equality; it bothers me that we don’t even practice what we preach
Dreams guid us... 
What makes me, me? Is it the way I comb my hair, my brains and beauty, or the shoes i wear on my feet? What makes me any different from you? Is it because i'm so kind
How dare you? Somebody who cared about
Do you ever think about one situation & how one little detail could've changed everything?
Oh no
Pacing, my current state is erased, new slate, new face, new plate, the old ways I negate, but oh how they linger, oh how they carry on, can one truly declare that their past has gone.
I woke up with the thought of you, When it asked me when you'll return, I smiled and said but were through, It said well tell him to make a u-turn, I told you he doesn't want anything to do with you,
How could he just break my heart and not give me a reason. Could it be the month? or maybe the season? How could he make me feel like I’m trash?
Today is the day I will be heard Today I will emerge out of this shyness I will let the world know I no longer will stand injustice!   Today is the day I will be heard Today I will say
Cognitively Not where I should be Feelin' crazy Not lookin' like me   Mental pictures  Leavin' me unsure Disturbing thoughts Have gotten me caught
Deletion.  Every single one gone.  The memories are fading away.  No way of looking back into the past. No young faces nothing but a faded thought.  Deleted forever, what once was is now gone.
We all yearn for happiness
You know what really grinds my gears? Many things that I've witnessed over the years. Problems with society, old and new. Let me take a moment to share some with you.  
Happy What Is It? They say Its money They say Its not money What is Happy? They say Its family They say its marriage What is Happy? Is it light? Is it dark?
  I can't explain the things that I'm feeling right now   My mind, my body, my soul are being bombarded with poisenous thoughts   I'm being ripped apart into a million little pieces  
I’ve known you for a while now You and I are close friends  We’re best friends I’ve noticed how you have changed from a sad little girl into a mature young woman People made fun of you They hurt you
Shh. They can't hear you. Shh. You can't talk about that. Shh. What will everyone think? Shh. No! Ring the alarm, bang the pots, scream out loud!
It's always a good time for a drink.       Drank            Drunk Easy girls and wasted guys make it all the much easier to point a finger blaming a solo cup of bubbles and warm beer.
the love between us
We all have problems So who are you to come at me Did you ever think that there could be a possibility that i understand In spite of what you have come to "know" We are the same, having a bad day
No one sees, no one speaks, no one listens to the mind of the weak. not here, not there, nor anywhere can this heart bear this pain. I cant breathe. I cant get past. This emotion, this judgment
Inspiration, that imperial feeling toward yourself, to express yourself, while addressing yourself with the things you do to the people who see only to judge, judge, judge you for your rights or w
The question that repeats in most minds that asscioate with me, tends to get rather tiring. "WHY  DO YOU LIKE TO WRITE SO MUCH?" " I like to write because it helps me." *que questionble face and they walk away and talk about me and ask others if I
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
Believe To Achieve To Beleive You Must Achieve Over Come Fears And Regrets Stress Or Non-Stress
  A writer in math class Words on my paper, don’t know what they say.
Welcome to the realm of creative individuals
He said yo midget but I kept on walking little did he know I went home and cried myself to sleep
All I wanna do is play, But I'm watching the days pass away, And although you don't give me toys to chew, Master I will always love you,   You walk in the door and I'm happy,
Strings attached Playing puppeteer with nimble fingers and old, vivid nightmares   I'm your puppet darling   Strings attached Center with each, individual, socket
Words cannot express the emotion in my body Like the rush of water crashing into the rocks  My aspiration to talk is shadowed by humility Clinching my fists and shuttering in fear
confident yet insecure
My mind has an emotion that feeds of my heart For what I feel it expresses in words It is not scripted to what it must be But simply just wright's from what my heart tells thee It dances to life with creativity
Dear Ladies,
I come from a family that didn't have much Seems like each day the road would get tough The rain would never let up but through it all I kept my head up Because i new one day there would be a blue sky
When I was a child my mother and all my teachers told me that I was "gifted".  They said that I was brilliant, had such potential,  smarter than all the rest, and that because of this, 
We live in a world where society rules most of us  We create groups to isolate our selfs from larger crowds We figure that if we stay away from the people who try and change us then we cant be changed
Writin' this for Power Poetry, Hopin' that they notice me, And I hope to see this scholarship, Cause man these loans, They make me sick, Emptied pockets,
Dirt on the flowers Smudges on the mirror Scars on a face Not all as they appear   Some turn and run Others point and jeer For what's on the outside Is all there is to cheer  
Looks are deceiving 
From the moment I saw you, I knew you were a heartbreaker.
It's 12:10am as i write this my darling insomnia fueling my abyss feeling cool and calm as music fills the air though as calm as i feel i can't ignore my thoughts the thoughts that i can't bear
They call me 2 chairs Alls i get is deep stares Feelin like im commonly confused
Full of knowledge I received Rooted deep in earth I didn’t have to travel I am the inner cup Half full kind of tree I listen to remember Listen to the wind Who carries stories
Black and White, for some that is all there is the stark constrast of good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, thick and thin.  What ever happened to gray? to shade, to shadow,
The dream job  The thing that keeps me alive The thing that keeps me bouncing off the wall The heart and soul of my life I  work hard for this goal I dream of this day and night 
When the sun shines through the clouds and the world seems to glow.
You fill my veins with poison, you drive my mind insane, It's you who leave me  unwanted, my soul so filled with pain. I try to walk away, forget you, I try to never look backm
Subliminal messages being fed to our brains
You never know what the future will bring you nor do you know who will be there when you wake, life is a game of risks and chances the real question is how do we handle the grasp of it
If I could,
My pen gliding against the paper Drawing out my words A voice thats unknown, A desire to be heard Music, art, writing, A mind full of words, A voice of meaning, And the hatred of lying
A religion based on the belief that god exists in writing, pouring your life onto paper to recieve enlightenment to a place so inviting.
Such fools
To forget...To love...To heal Love cannot be earned nor learn I am thankful that you never left But it's time for you to go Smile just like the way you used to smile with me
A three year old said "i love my mommy"A six year old said "i love my toys"But, what is love?A 1en year old said "i love my friends"A fifteen year old said "i love him"
Your love knotsare tied aroundmy heart
It happens
My dream is my job Where I get to travel and creat and invent Oh, no, no ,no, child They say No, you must get a job that makes money   Singers make money And they do what I love
The insanity drives me gradually, Until I'm forced to wonder, What is the source of this? Could it truly be that, which I  A small, naive girl Affectionatly call love? Can that which
One, Two, Three, Four, are you eager for it's shore? The pale face rises into night, soldiers stand watch with eyes of glimmer and shine.  we stand watch on the woods of our sailors
A sad girl Who's been heartbroken and left to soak in her own tears. Left to drown without any support in her own fears.  
We come to You with all the right intentions, But the moment we set off they burn to pieces. And it's only now that I realize, Just how far I've fallen from You. In Your spotlight, I become convicted,
As I lay d
i look back and see the pain you brought me i must forgive you in order to move on. just another chapter in my life that beginning with a brighter start. we learn to forget only if we forgive.
I once heard the saying “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked t
you look at me with soft brown eyes
Love .... One of the craziest words in the dictionary.
i was never as strong as Them She fought a long battle, where i could only last for a short time
Sway with my boulders and broad shoulders, swiftly as trees and as good as bees, you and me should be a team. Footsteps like rocks but attractive as tater tots. Whether it's the arch of my back,
Used like a toy for laughs, abused till' the brain stews, left as an abandoned child. Why do this to me dear?
The theory of opposites attracting is a dirty lie in the world of humans opposites tear each other apart yet not in the painless physical, they pull at every tender spot of your mind, but its your fault
Art relates to me. Art is the creative skill and imagination presented to the world. Every stroke of paint an artist adds on a canvas, every stitch a designer puts in a piece of clothing
At First is was all smiles and Hi's Shy looks away Trying not to get caught looking anyway Confusion, fear of rejection I’ve never felt like this before, though So how do I know how I feel?
Life is unfair The adults all preach it But it takes so long for you to believe it You ride the waves Until the board breaks
Here is a guide just for you
An ode to the immature and the unworthy. Spare me your frivolous troubles,
Blank stares are given, Long live the smacks of hands that raised pains that slave the masses Yet ignored through the constant acknowledgements   Embelished though it seems the hate is real...
Teachers better start caring  About what their students know. Instead of teaching just for the grades Of the students—it's all a big show.   When you step out of the class room,
There was I in my class during school, I've always thoguht this student was a tool. All he did was talk when the teacher was talking, But the teacher did nothing to stop the squawking.
Look at me and tell me I didn’t fight for my rights. Because twenty-four hours seems more like twelve rounds And some days the bell doesn’t sound. Their blood runs through my veins
You’re the only person I want to talk to but I swear I’m annoying you.
Screw them. Screw them and their conformity I am beautiful I am beautiful despite the bump on my nose I am beautiful despite the acne on my temple
As the clock ticks, our educators dole out our curriculum : standards firm as bricks. We sit and wonder where the creativity went in education. The flint is almost extinct as the Fire Of Passion diminishes to ashes.
I walked a mile to high school everyday. I sat for six hours. I learned about subjects that I didn't care about. When school was over I walked a mile home and spent my own time  doing more work.
How could you have possibly known that I was a ticking time bomb? Not even I knew it.  The sadness, and brewing of mismixed chemicals in my brain had overstayed their welcome Came out in a form of tears and burns.
You laughed the day I walked into class, I was a number, expecting to pass. You wondered and questioned. How can it be? About a silly little Mexican, like me. You smiled and asked for a schedule,
If a tree falls and no one hears it, does it really make a sound If a student speaks, and no teacher hears it, is it actually profound?   But if a student speaks, and a teacher hears it
It's hard deciphering secret agendas when I'm busy deconstructing every word you say. Depicting what you've yet to reveal, does that mean I have the upper hand, or am I simply playing into yours?
What Do You MEAN I'm Suspended?  Im not allowed to say that in class? Im not allowed to say that thinking about taking my life isn't me being a coward but instead you being inconsiderate?
More sun, less sun, most sun, no sun. Who cares how much sun shines BEHIND the clouds? Everything's still grey!
What is the meaning of telling me I am beautiful, if all you see is the outside?  People do not buy houses strictly because of what the outside entails.
There will come a time when I have to let youReally let you goBy that I mean you will be goneYou will no longer be in my thoughtsI have let you go beforeFor a year we didn’t talkI did not think of you
This life is yours to lead This life is yours to live Take the wheel from Jesus Take control   Push yourself forward Wait for no one Take a risk, take a chance Live by your own commands
Just when I feel that our relationship has prevailed You pull away and remind me why we've never been strong Not even enough to withstand the falls And never to rise You rekindle the fire that burns my heart
Humans are amazing, We can do so much in a matter of minutes, And yet our minds are still racing. Sad to say, we do it for the business. Everyone is a witness. We complain about the money,
I saw the SHALLOW SOULS of my generation induced by the spirited connection of NEGATIVITY’S SPELL Being judgmental on a person’s looks Doing nothing but mope about being a nobody
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