Untitled Rant

Just when I feel that our relationship has prevailed

You pull away and remind me why we've never been strong

Not even enough to withstand the falls

And never to rise

You rekindle the fire that burns my heart

Showing me that these flames of hatred has not yet died

And I fear it may never do so.

The we grow the more you change

And I wish I could say it is for the better.

You live for you and the more I look back

You always have.

My life is nothing to you 

And what you do shows it

I've expressed my feelings

I gave you hints you obviusly could see

but yet you reminded me that you didn't care.

When I don't care either don'tstart to care then

I won't forgive you

And its sad to say it but

I don't think I want you in my life anymore

not now nor the future.

I just wish I've could've said I looked up to you

But that would be a lie.

I hope for the day I can honestly love you

Without hating you and the things you do so much.

I wish we could've been something

But you are just like everybody else.


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