Because of Money.

Money - that is the world's currency. Evidently, it is also the world's ecstasy -

what it runs on, and sadly what can make or break a situation.

If you ask me, Money - I HATE it. Why is it that great things - like getting an education,

dreams, hopes, trips - are all good and valid... up until they reach their expiration

date based off of the green in our pockets?

Yes, money is not inherently a bad thing but it should not be a leash in our lives. Why do we work ourselves to death (take

that worker in Japan for example)? For money.

I think of that man in Japan who passed away from working too much.

Whether it was a dream he was pursuing or whether it was out of necessity, I do not know.

But either way, the end result of that work was expected to be in the form of

paper notes. He worked himself to death and collapsed at his work place due to exhaustion.

Why couldn't I visit my deceased grandmother almost a year ago? Because of our

lack of money. If only I had more dollars, then I could've seen her in her last moments.

Why do some couples turn tables in their marriage and fight so much, only

for that to result in a broken home?

Because of unpayed bills and money.

Why do job positions and competition in the work place often result in the end of friendships, just because

one person preferred one position over another?

Because of money.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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