What is the face?

That I should be angry to


The void?

The ground?

Tell me to scream

Find my words for me

Cast my gaze into your eyes

And let me rage

The face of sound

is quelling to my soul

But the noise of your mouth

Boils and freezes

My innards

To my very dry bones

The face of air

Is sweet in my lungs

But yours is poison

To the tendrils of my breath

Show me the ground I tread

And show me the way

I cannot

I will not

Go where I want

Because I haven’t the faintest

Of what it is

Show me my emptiness

Show me the grief

And the pain

And how to fill it

To nurture

And to quench it

Give me direction

Turn me in the direction

To find courage

See for me

Through my blindness

What is the face?

Tell me

Command me

Show me

Please i pray

I breath my emptiness

Tell me the answer

To the question in the void

And of all things

Take me

To the face

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