How Dare You?


How dare you?

Somebody who cared about

Who loved you

Who helped you through your darkest times

You abandon them like they mean nothing to you!

How dare you!

What about the promises you all made together?

What about promises of forever and always?

How dare you simply hide them under a blanket of blind rage?

You don't even have a good enough reason to be mad!

Maybe these are reasons you've hidden from all of us; she has everything you want

A happy relationship, a beautiful face, a sense of humor that could knock Richard Pyor flat on his back

And what else does she have?

Me, someone who wouldn't dare give up on those promises

How dare you even consider I'd be okay with how you've shown your ass?

How dare you even think I'd still even want to talk to you!

How can you think it's okay to throw someone

Someone you swore you loved straight under the bus?

How dare you think it's okay?


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