In review, 2016

Wed, 01/11/2017 - 23:25 -- Onyxior

To think of who I was last year

is tricky

I am not now who I

am now.

I am not better, i am not worse.


My heart is certainly broken

for all my heroes i have lost

telling me to be free

speak free

set free

By my body and mind are certainly more whole

less lead weight, dragging me to drown in apathy

less sharp thoughts cutting up my every argument,

every thing i dared think or try to speak


I made freinds in the most unlikely of places

In Serbia, and Portugal, and Toronto and...

We bonded of people we had yet to meet, 

stories we had yet to tell,

and still we created, and still we spoke.


It is odd

when you worry

that a person you have never meet

may not live to see the morning

to find that it was a person they had never met

to drive an entire group to search and contact

to get their hero on the line

to talk them down from the edge

all because of community that never meets.


My other communities had great gains,

strides in representation and equality

for latinxs and LGBTA

but the tone of a funeral was found everywhere

at home

at school 


when we found who had won.


To hear our rally cry

even though there was nothing we could change

lets them know,

"We will someday"


Though this past year has been far from good

far from great

I can say that I am all the greater for surving it.



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