We swear we live for liberation

So then why are we faking and making it seem we don’t really care about this nation

We are the people, the people that demand equality; it bothers me that we don’t even practice what we preach

So then what do we need, do we get up on our knees, and pray that somebody out there is listening to the pleas

And they can help us out, but what is help really about, if we don’t help ourselves we don’t have no graces to give out

To them black is jaded, outdated and just too faded

Out, it’s just a shame that we’re breaking and now we’re falling down

They don’t get it black is currently embedded in their heads really threatening

And I don’t think I can stress it enough


This demonstration in education is getting tired, I tried to listen to them, and I held on for the ride,

But the ride is getting bumpy, and the man is coming for me, this conformity is haunting me, evenings spent just mourning, see

My people, oh, my people, we were born with such a curse, archaic mistakes break our backs and every day we hurt

Unpleasant stares from unpleasant strangers, never changes, and I hate that we are labeled; the labelers swear it’s playful

I see it in their eyes, we’re living to survive, and we’re the prey, no day is a brighter day

My people, yes, my people, we can be successful, the limits we say exist

Are only set up by ourselves

Nothing is a black thing, they say the we are lacking, but we know the we are packing the heat

The heat is controversial, feelings universal, they are threatened by our presence, we know that we are pleasant

We know that we are great, but lost sight of our vision,

Don’t let their superstitions stop you from your only mission


My people, oh, my people

BLACK IS definition, BLACK IS good food in the kitchen, BLACK IS everything, just listen

So don’t you be discouraged, we have the greatest courage for stepping foot in a world that only really tries to hurt us

We’ve fallen in their traps, they don’t even have to try, my people we’re the ones making it hard to survive

Break out of their mold; don’t do what you’re told,

Black is in with the new and out with the old


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