Payoff rant

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 21:29 -- Whoami

The dream job

 The thing that keeps me alive

The thing that keeps me bouncing off the wall

The heart and soul of my life

I  work hard for this goal

I dream of this day and night 

The dreams for this goal are unique

The struggle lived in unreal 

The pain is unlike no other but the rewards will be unique

Your dream is at your fiingertips

The opurnity is your if you owrk hard it will be your

The efforts pain struggles and effort will pay off

The dreadfull sleeplessnights will pay off

   Your efforts will pay off if you work and you will feel acomplished if you reach this dream it makes you feel complete it  is a feeling that brings you above world don't miss out try your best and be the best you can me because you only live once but you gotta live it right.You gotta be the example you have to be the dream the emotion the pain the life these are things that will pay off  the effort of reaching that start up so high that makes you feel like a coward because you are scared of what  will happen so go out and complish what you can.


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