The Ramblings of a Tiny Panromantic Asexual

What’s in an attraction?

Sure the structure of your face

Can be aesthetically pleasing

But that doesn’t make me want to fuck you

Any more than the dirt under your fingernails

Or the tears currently pouring

Like waterfalls from your eyes


You can try to tell me

What it means but let’s be real

If I can’t read the looks people give

I won’t have a damn clue about

Something I was born immune to

No matter how I feel in my

Blood trapped in a cage of bones


If i could multiply

I would break into five

Just so this four-foot-ten

Weak ass panro

Could beat you up

And throw you out

For your insolence


Single-cell organism my ass

I may be short

But microscopic is a bit of a stretch

Or should I say a shrink

But hey I’m invisible anyways

To your gayer-than-thou royalty

It’s not like I want your body anyways


Being alone is the only solace

My heart’s been in a drought

For nineteen long years

So long that my heart thinks

It doesn’t need water to survive

Just like my asthma tells me

I don’t need air to breathe


Despite it all I will throw

The black, grey, white and purple

Proudly over my shoulders

While the pink, yellow, and blue

Wrap themselves around my neck

Just to choke out the bleakness

Of a loveless lifeline


So dammit I’ll make myself

The president of the

“I love Hannah Lynn Perez” Club

Because I’m the only one

Required to be there

And nobody else

Is gonna step up to the plate


Wow this game just got old

Or has it been old this whole time

While I’ve been hitting every

Home run with a half-hearted swing

Hoping every time it’ll go

Out of the park just so I can

Quit this charade and smile


I’m so god fuck exhausted

Of caring about something

That I don’t think matters

Something that I don’t need

Something that I don’t know

If I can pull off for the sake

Of not really knowing what it means


The concept of sexual attraction

It may be a mystery to me

But I know a bitch when I hear one

Because it takes one to know one

And if any of the allosexuals out there

Are listening to my irrelevant woes

I’ll tell you a special ace secret


Some of us have eyes

and if saying the words

“I am asexual”

Is a turn-off to anyone

Then I hope you know we can see

Just how ugly you really are.


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Our world


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