The Necessity

This Nation


Claims to be Learned

But We Cannot Find a Way

To Give Our Children the Education They Deserve

From Elementary School we can see the funds are Preserved

Somewhere Else


The Kids Aren't Enthusiastic

Education Ain't Fantastic 

Frankly, I Have to Say The Situation is Drastic

In High School Learning Stops Being Fun

At This Point Both the Teachers and Students are Done


And That's Not Even The Worst Of It


Imagination is Drained

Brains are in Pain 

Most Days Just Trying to Remember The Name

The Number, The Fact, It's All The Same

Memorize, Reverberate, Regurgitate

Then Go Home to Try to Rehabilitate 


Eventually You Get to the SATs

You Go To Earn Yourself a Number, Please?

The Number That Judges the Rest of Your Education 

Too Low? Met By Consternation 

But Even if the Number Is To Your Expectation 

You Better Be Getting Yourself Some Recognition 

Because That Number Is the Ignition 

To Gettting Into College


But Even Once In It's Only A Few 

Who Can Do What They Do

And the Rest Are Financially Screwed 

Working Hard For Assistance 

But Meeting Resistance 

Going Into Debt To Go The Full Distance 


Are There Alternatives? 

No Not Really!

You Could Skip College and Get a Job in a Hurry?

Looking Forward To Earning About 20 Grand Less

Well, Maybe Alternative Education, I Guess?

Well Sadly That Won't Really Work Either 

If It Ain't A Degree It Ain't a Crowd Pleaser

College Is Looking Good After All

Looks Like Your Bank Account is Taking A Fall



You Claim To Be Learned

But There Is Still Quite a Bit to be Yearned 

So Please, Nation, I'm on My Knees

Try to Support Your Children's Education





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