Grinding My Gears


You know what really grinds my gears?

Many things that I've witnessed over the years.

Problems with society, old and new.

Let me take a moment to share some with you.


One: When people are unnecessarily rude,

Giving that sarcastic attitude

I'm sorry for stepping on your new kicks, dude.

How'd you afford those with a career in fast food?


Two: When people are always late.

Honestly, get here on time, I'm not gonna wait.

You must be committed, determined and able

Or else you'll make me annoyed and unstable.


Three: avoidable world events

Like hunger, war, people living in tents.

Society is run by political crooks

Whom have control over the country's crannies and nooks.


Safety, shelter, food and drink

Are essentials, yet people are still on the brink

Of death. What is the government doing, the majority?

Nothing. Shouldn't these issues be a priority?


Lastly: the price we must pay for decent education.

Here I am, writing silly poems over my summer vacation,

In hopes of escaping the inevitable mountains of debt.

Yet I'll probably still be drowning in it, how much do you wanna bet?


I appreciate you lending an ear to my rant.

These may be things you can stand, I can't.

Obviously, I don't find these situations very fun,

But you can aid in getting rid of one.



You speak facts.

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